Graham Down MIPA MABRP, Director

  • Graham trained as a Chartered Accountant with the family firm in South Wales. At an early stage he concluded that the tedium of auditing was something he could manage without, preferring instead the nail-biting excitement of the more unpredictable world of insolvency.

    He obtained his licence to act as an Insolvency Practitioner in 1988. In 1990 he joined a major national accounting firm to set up its corporate recovery and insolvency department in the South West, where he was involved in a number of high profile assignments and managed a portfolio of liquidations under the law of Gibraltar. In 1995 he was invited to become a partner in a London-based, niche insolvency practice, again establishing that firm’s presence in the South West. In 2009 he was instrumental in setting up Burton Sweet Corporate Recovery.

    Outside work, Graham has won national recognition for his work as a school governor.

    Once a reasonably decent middle distance athlete, Graham now enjoys his sport, as his waistline testifies, from the comfort of an armchair except, that is, for the rare occasions when he irritates greenkeepers by ploughing up their beautifully manicured fairways. He enjoys hill and coastal walking, and dreams of the day when he will be able to buy one of those boats that he sees being built at Poole Quay.

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